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  • Suggest a review of the 35k threshold you can also send them our briefings. We are asking for the government to consider the MAC’s recommendation for occupation-specific pay thresholds.

  • Stick to one page and use short, clear sentences.

  • Talk about how this affects you, your friends, your family, your work. Your personal experience is the most powerful testimony we could ask for.

  • Talk about how this will affect the UK as well as London. Statistics are available below, in our briefings.

  • Be polite. We understand there is a lot of passion about this issue (and we share it) but bad language, insults and antagonistic rhetoric will only harm our cause. We must remain on-signal at all times. Correcting internet trolls may be useful for a future audience that discovers your interaction, but arguing with them will only distract you from something more effective you could be doing.

  • Once you have written the mayor, check out the other ways you can help!

Example letter

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you copy and paste any of this directly, your letter will count as redundant and not be sent to your MP


Dear Mr Khan,

I am writing to you as mayor of London to draw your attention to the new Tier 2 immigration rules, which stipulate that an individual born outside the EU – including those already resident – must earn at least £35,000 to be allowed to settle in the country.

According to the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), the implementation of this policy will cost the UK economy £3/4billion, with a damage estimated £575million within the first ten years. London's economy relies more on migrants than anywhere else in the UK. Small businesses especially rely on non-UK employees. As these employees are forced out of London (and the UK), in many cases the small businesses that employ them will fail. This makes London (and the UK) very unattractive for both foreign investors and students, while the general hostility will discourage the tourism that London thrives upon.


The introduction of the £35,000 pay settlement threshold for skilled workers means that even people who have been working and paying taxes in the UK for over 5 years, may ultimately face deportation. Those affected are highly skilled workers such as charity workers, teachers, entrepreneurs, creative workers, consultants, students, NHS workers, care workers, and many others. Despite this disruption the policy will have very little effect on immigration statistics. Only 15,000 people are expected to be forced to leave the UK, but they are 15,000 people at the UK cannot spare.


To defend the settlement rights of skilled workers, I request that you write to Home Secretary Amber Rudd MP, or Immigration minister Robert Goodwill MP, asking him to reconsider the new Tier 2 immigration rules introduced in April 2016. However the Home Office is unlikely to retract a policy it has already enacted, so I ask that you also pursue other options outlined below.


Since London has more urgent need of skilled workers than the rest of the UK, it would make sense to have a more encouraging immigration policy. This could take the form of a special London visa issued to Tier 2 employees of companies based in London. However this 'London visa' scheme would be an ambitious undertaking, very vulnerable to criticism and opposition. It would be easier to introduce a special dispensation for companies based in London, whose Tier 2 employees would thus be subject to a lower salary threshold. This would certainly encourage businesses to move to London, and it would send a message to the international community.


The Home Office should institute a new rule that if a skilled worker already granted a visa decides to apply for settlement, or Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), they should only be required to satisfy the conditions for settlement that applied when they were granted their visa. This will provide security for employers and clarity for employees.


Please let me know which goal you think it would be most worthwhile for you to pursue, and how you intend to pursue it.


More information is available in the briefing attached to this letter and further research documents are available on www.stop35k.org, which also include contact details of the campaign’s spokespeople.

Your support of our cause would be invaluable and an important service to your constituency.

Yours sincerely,



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