Simple ways you can help:

Write to your elected Member of Parliament.

This should only take ten minutes.

They prefer to be contacted by email. You can find the email address of your MP here. Let them know what you think of this policy, and what you think they should do.

You can read our example letter for ideas and guidance. 

Encourage others to do the same!

Write to the Mayor of London.

This should also only take ten minutes.

London's economy requires a different immigration policy to the rest of the UK.

Saqid Khan has been an outspoken support of migrants in London. While his office has no official powers to determine national immigration policy, his political career and community links make him a valuable spokesperson.

You can also read our example letter for ideas and guidance. 

Encourage others to do the same!


At any one time there a number of petitions to support our cause, but we only promote one at a time to prevent confusion.

Find out about our other petitions, or how to start your own.

Include third sector workers on SOL to prevent them being forced out of the UK

Tier 2 skilled workers must meet a £35k p/a salary threshold to remain in the UK. This makes it impossible for them to work in 3rd sector roles. The Shortage Occupation List has been used to prevent nurses being removed from the UK. It must now be used to save charity workers, and charities.

Current signature count: 207

Deadline: 29th January

If you believe there is any way you can help other than the above, if you would like to write a blog for us, or if you have any questions at all, please get in touch

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