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5) Exempt Non-EU NHS professionals from £35,000 salary threshold

Since April 2016, Non-EU citizens wishing to remain permanently in the UK have been required to earn £35,000 a year on a single contracted salary. I find this rule discriminates unfairly against those who chose to work in the NHS, where such a salary is impossible within first 5 years of employment.

Current signatures: 7,083

Expires: 12 July 2017

4) Include third sector workers on SOL to prevent them being forced out of the UK

Tier 2 skilled workers must meet a £35k p/a salary threshold to remain in the UK. This makes it impossible for them to work in 3rd sector roles. 
The Shortage Occupation List has been used to prevent nurses being removed from the UK. It must now be used to save charity workers, and charities.

Current signatures: 212

Expires: CLOSED

3) Put all primary and senior school teachers on the Shortage Occupation List

The Home Office has enacted a new settlement threshold for Tier 2 skilled workers, which includes teachers. The Home Office Impact Assessment estimates this will result in the forced departure of 36% of migrant primary school teachers and 9% of migrant senior school teachers as their visas expire.

Current signatures: 636

Expires: CLOSED

2) Make the Scottish Government responsible for Scottish immigration policy

Scotland must develop and enact its own policy on non-EU migration. This may also enable Scotland to determine its own migration relationship with the EU.

The Scotland Act 1998 must be amended with an act of Parliament. Scottish Government must then create a responsible ministerial department.

Current signatures: 41

Expires: CLOSED

1) Scrap the £35k threshold for non-EU citizens settling in the UK

In April (2016) the Home Office and Theresa May are introducing a pay threshold for people to remain here, after already working here for 5 years. This only affects non-EU citizens that earn under £35,000 a year, which unfairly discriminates against charity workers, nurses, students and others.

Total signatures: 114,636

Expires: CLOSED

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