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We welcome the opportunity for the debate, particularly the support for our positions from the SNP and Labour's Shadow Immigration Minister. As summarised by Paul Scully MP at the end of the debate, this is a great start to our campaign to seek a re-evaluation of the policy to make it a fairer representation of Tier 2 Skilled Workers' contribution to the UK. However, the policy still stands meaning variances across the Labour market as well as regional pay variations aren't taken into account, making the policy a threat to the UK GDP as well as communities up and down the country.

We urge the Government to reconsider the implementation next month, and give the MAC an opportunity to complete a thorough assessment of suitable pay thresholds across jobs and geography in the UK.

We will continue to campaign to have the policy re-evaluated and ultimately changed so it delivers a fairer deal to Tier 2 migrants and the UK as a whole.

You can watch the debate here:

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