Help us take the Home Office to court

It's amazing to think that we've only been doing this since January. With your help, 100,000 people caused a debate in Westminster Hall and we have attracted many MPs of impressively high caliber. We’ve had several fundraising events and the turnout is always both inspiring and encouraging. We have caused more media coverage of the 35k threshold in the past 4 months than ever existed in the 5 years since it was proposed. Nobody ever imagined we could get this far.

Imagine what we can do in the next few weeks. Maybe raise seven thousand pounds? We are already half way there.

We have two options in front of us

We’ve been speaking to several law firms, and think we have a good case for a Judicial Review. "Judicial review is a type of court proceeding in which a judge reviews the lawfulness of a decision or action made by a public body," as defined by the Courts and Tribunals Judiciary. We want to hire a top immigration solicitor in the UK at the award-winning firm Bindmans LLP to represent our case. This, however, comes at a cost and we need to raise the money for a thorough consultation to explore all options of a legal challenge. If Bindmans confirms this we can serve papers to the Home Office and apply to expedite the Judicial Review process.

Our end goal is to be in courtrooms, backed up by some of the best lawyers in the world, speaking to some of the most powerful judges in the UK, representing thousands of people on the legal stage. We’re willing to directly confront the Home Office in an arena where no PR spin or haze of obfuscation will hide the truth. It will be worthwhile even if we face defeat, and in itself this would be a history-making victory and a precedent for generations.

We are proud to launch our new CrowdJustice page where you can donate directly to this process. These funds go directly to our lawyers and to a potential Judicial Review process. This is Option 1.

"We think that accessing the courts shouldn’t just be for those who can afford it. We believe that there is enormous power in the community that can be harnessed to achieve legal change." - CrowdJustice

If we don't get the necessary money before the deadline, we have lots of other things to do.

We’ll keep limping onwards. We will petition the Government again and again, and continue to recruit MPs and put pressure on the Home Office. We will still talk to the dozens of scared people who get in touch with us every week, providing them with information and contacts, helping them appeal against their deportation, letting them know they are not alone in a hostile situation. Their stories will still be told. We will not let anyone be quietly whispered away.

But really these aren't options we can choose between. Only you can.

Option 2 is going ahead either way, even if you make Option 1 our reality. So the only real choice you have is whether to donate to our new CrowdJustice donation page (where we are also putting the money we’ve received from you on our IndieGoGo page) or maybe Option 2 sounds good enough to you.

Settle or fight. The choice is yours.

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