The Deadline for Putting Teachers on the SOL

If you can read this, thank a teacher.

We all owe so much of what we take for granted to teachers: from telling the time, to hemming curtains, to feeling the thrill of a Shakespeare play, our teachers make us who we are. They do that in hundreds and hundreds of different and invaluable ways: one teacher tells you how to be polite on holiday in France; another tells you what it’s like to grow up in Africa or in the Andes.

The Migration Advisory Committee have already been asked to research the teacher shortage. Their call for evidence ends on September 16th. If we can gather as many signatures as possible by then, maybe even the 100,000 signatures needed to trigger a debate in Westminster Hall, we may have a direct impact on their recommendation.

Asking the MAC to research it clearly indicates that the Government already anticipates a staffing crisis when our migrant teachers are asked to leave the UK because they don’t earn enough money. Don’t let it come to this: stand up for the teachers who stand up for our future. Sign this petition!

If we lose teachers from around the world, then it’s us who lose out.

Losing teachers who are already in place in British schools causes disruption, too: not only to the smooth running of the school board and the detention committee, but to the whole community. First of all, we stand to lose the energy and enthusiasm of people who are committed to the cultural development of their immediate society, and our society as a whole. Secondly, your child might lose that one, inspirational voice that could help them to shape, and to realise, their goals in life.

Stop 35k. Hands off our teachers!

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