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If you are a Highly Skilled Worker on a General Tier 2 Visa, this new law can affect you, and if so, we want to hear your story below. We need these personal stories to enrich our campaign and humanise it. We are also looking for the stories of families, businesses and employers who will be affected. 


The law affects anyone who is on a Tier 2 visa and:

  • Does not make an annual wage of £35,000

  • Is not on the shortage occupation list

  • Obtained their first Tier 2 visa after April 2011

  • Does not already have Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

  • Has family, friends and employers in the UK.

"In two more years I will have lived in the UK for 9 years. I will have paid £56,000 into the university system. I will have paid approximately £108,000 in rent. I will have been teaching British teenagers for 6 years. But I will not be making 35k in two years."
-Kellly, has lived in the UK for over 9 years 
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