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"I manage the Refugee Support & International Family Tracing services for a British charity but because the refuge support field (despite what some might think) is a shrinking one, I’m very unlikely to be earning £35k any time soon." 

            -Lily, Service Manager

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"I started working for the NHS 4 and half years ago at a senior position. I even own my flat here in London. Because of this 35k rule I might have to leave my job, flat and relocate to a different country. More importantly I have not used public funds in any form during my stay here so far." 


Senior Audiologist

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"I will be forced to leave my school, my friends, my cat. I would be leaving the love of my life - I don't want to leave my life. Why should I be sent home over an arbitrary threshold? In two years time I'l have been in the UK for nine years. I will have paid £56,000 into the university system. £108,000 in rent. I will have been teaching British teenagers for six years. But I will not be making 35k. I can't imagine changing my career to suit monetary need when I love my job." 

            -Kelly, Teacher

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Tier 2 General Skilled Workers who do not earn £35,000 p/a after being in the UK for 5 years will face being deported when their visa expires.

The Home Office estimates this £35k threshold will cost taxpayers between £181million and £575million.

Out of 30,000 people in the UK on a Tier 2 visa, over 17,000 of them will be forced to leave over the next 5 years.

This law affects women more than men due to the gender pay gap. The government has recognised this but has chosen to ignore it.

An estimated 2,600 Indians, 1,900 Filipinos, 1,200 Australians, 500 Pakistanis, 1,500 Americans, 1,500 Chinese, 300 South Africans, 800 Nigerians, and 500 Russians (amongst others) are being forced to leave their lives in the UK

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